Fee Management

TotalCounselNow recognise one of the major frustrations faced by chambers and individual barristers like you is fee management.

We believe outsourcing this time-consuming aspect of your work, will ensure you can concentrate on client matters, safe in the knowledge we are pursuing fees owed.

Experience matters

Following agreement of your fees with your clients, we will undertake the billing and notification of fees direct to your contacts or the solicitors’ practice that have engaged your services.


We have a team of experienced fee clerks that will not only chase current fees, but work hard to recover dormant and unresolved case fees.

Support in-house or individual support

Whether you are seeking support for your in-house chambers team or needing individual support for the first time, our service is easy to set up and integrate.


We will discuss your requirements in detail and tailor our service to suit, introducing those who will work on your behalf, undertaking what is an important and personal service.

Enhanced client relationships

Our professional fee management team will work in the background, in a quietly efficient manner that will only enhance the client relationships you have taken time to build.


We combine a traditional service with the latest technology to increase collection speed, using email for fee notes, claim forms and letters to help reduce postage costs.


Our unique approach removes the need for the constant and costly production of reminder letters. We believe a friendly phone call beats a letter when payment is not immediately forthcoming.

Pay only for what you need

Importantly, you are only paying for the time our team spend chasing your fees; you are not paying for holidays, sick days, national insurance contributions, down time or inactivity.


We are confident our service will be cost neutral or better, once you analyse the old fees recovered and the value of the time we free up for you to earn additional fees.