Reception and call handling services

When you meet with clients, attend court or visit prison, you are likely to have a list of voicemail messages and missed calls to deal with. Not to mention the out of hours interruptions.

Our polite, professional UK-based reception teams are ready to deal with your calls and ensure no calls are missed or go to voicemail. You only need respond to the calls that really matter.

Call handling to ease the pressure

Switch our service on and we answer the calls you want us to. It might be all of them, all of the time to screen out interruptions, or simply when you are busy or need some quiet time.


Our software handles your calls as if our receptionists were sitting in your chambers, delivering a seamless professional service, with callers unaware you are using a call handling service.

No new number needed

Apps for iPhone, Android and Windows mobile allow you to divert calls from your existing telephone number to our reception teams, at the touch of a button.


We will answer calls in the manner agreed with you in advance, recognising the need for the right professional tone. We will learn your preferences as we build a valuable relationship.

Call history

When answering your calls our reception team have all the relevant information available, including any call history, to help deliver more than just an answering service.


Knowledge of your diary also allows our receptionists to handle calls effectively, with details of calls answered emailed or texted to you in real time, allowing you to respond immediately if required.

More than messages

If you need more than a simple messaging service, we can also make diary appointments, transfer calls to colleagues, or perform other agreed support functions.


Our client portal allows you to monitor your calls, with relevant statistics and actions performed. You can also update details of your movements, so we provide callers up to the minute information.